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Create a Comfortable and Free Sleeping Space for cats

By Canyon Phil
Generally, cats need to sleep for about 16 hours a day. Some young or old cats can sleep for about 20 hours. Sleeping is a cat's nature. And if you love her, you love her to enough to give the best Cat Bed for her good night sleep.
Since pets need home and personal space, you can create a space for your cat to choose and rest freely through a bed, blanket or cushion.
What kind of bed does my cat need?
  1. Size: One of the most important specifications which you are required to check before buying Cat bed. The size should large enough so that your cat can easily turn around while sleeping.
  2. Warmth: You should also need to see how much warmth your cat can get from the Cat Bed she lays. The warmth of a Bed cannot be neglected especially if you live in a colder region.
  3. Ability to wash/clean: If it isn’t machine washable, cleaning the cat beds can be sometimes hard. So, if you are lazy at cleaning using hands, then you must go for machine washable.
  4. Comfort: You want your cat to be comfortable, isn’t it? So, choose the one which is comfortable for her to sleep.
  5. Cat’s age: Age of your Cat is also a factor based on which you should select a Cat Bed. If you have a Kitten or an Older Cat then you should buy a cat bed with a lower side height.
cat bed0
For the cozy sleep of your pet, introduce you to the following 3 best cat beds.
👍👍👍Flower Pet Cushion
cat bed2
This cat bed is not only liked by pets, but many people use it as a cushion on a sofa or chair in their living room. It is the best choice for people and pets to share.
Designed as a flower shape, there are 6 colors for you to choose, the most popular yellow and white are now on sale. The diameter is about 20 inches, and it can be used not only as a bed for cats to sleep, but also as a pillow for large dogs. The surface material is made of soft and comfortable imitation rabbit fur, and the inside is filled with memory foam. The cover can be removed and machine washed, which is easy to operate and easy to clean.
As the best-selling cat bed in our store, it is loved by cat owners. Although the price is not cheap, it is worth it.
👍👍 White Clouds Blanket
cat bed3
This is a very interesting cat bed with a unique cloud shape. The outer surface is made of cashmere fabric, and the inside is filled with a sufficient amount of polypropylene fiber cotton, which is soft but not easy to collapse. The slightly higher design around the clouds forms a natural concave arc, which is convenient for cats to rely on and take care of their spine health.
The size is about 30*18*3.5 inches, there is enough space for cats to play and rest. There is also a small star dotted under the clouds, allowing cats to have more fun.
Perhaps the only downside is that this cat bed is best hand-washed. Machine washing will easily deform the PP cotton inside, so lazy pet owners should consider it.
👍👍 Flower Pet Bed
cat bed4
This flower-shaped round cat bed is a medium price in the same product. It has four different colors, namely pink, gray, pink green and white green. The diameter size is about 16 inches for S size and 22 inches for L size, which can provide enough space for cats of different sizes.
It is made of soft plush fabric with polyester filling for complete comfort. The corners are made such that the cats can easily knead if they love to do so. Bolsters filed with soft cushion material are provided which are around the perimeter of this cat bed. These bolsters can be used as a headrest while sleeping or taking rest.
However, because this cat bed is integrated, it cannot be machine-washed and needs to be washed by hand, or put a blanket on it for easy cleaning. In addition to this problem, this cat bed is the most cost-effective.

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