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5 reasons about why cats grooming themselves so often

By Canyon Phil
Cats grooming themselves is a biological instinct and a normal physiological performance. It has many meanings, not just because they love to be clean.
🐾To Hide Scent From Predators
The cat's ancestors lived in the wilderness in danger, and in order to survive, covering up their own smell became the first task. So licking hair becomes the cat's instinct, because it can effectively cover up its own odor and avoid predator tracking. Although our cats do not live in the wilderness anymore, this instinct of cats still remains in them. Cats will lick their fur to make their odor disappear after being hugged by a stranger, or after eating or taking a bath.
🐾For Pleasure
When cats have negative emotions such as stress and irritability, they will emotionally pressure their emotions by licking their fur. This is the most popular method cats use when facing stress. They will also groom one another (and their human friends) out of what certainly appears to be a desire to share a positive sensation.
🐾To Do Self-Cleaning
When cats groom their hair, their barbed tongues stimulate the sebaceous glands at the bottom of the hair and spread the resulting sebum into the hair. Their self-grooming also helps to remove dirt and parasites such as fleas. In addition, because cats have no sweat glands, their saliva can help them cool down in hot weather to a certain extent.
🐾To Clean Wounds
Cats wash their injuries to clean the wounds, and possibly to prevent infection. 1 Licking with a rough tongue can also remove dead skin cell.
🐾Physical Discomfort
Cats like to lick their fur when they have body aches or skin problems. This requires the owner to pay more attention to whether the cat is only licking its fur in a fixed place, and to check whether the cat's body is painful or injured.
If your cat enjoys being brushed or combed then I encourage you to do so. Grooming your cat can serve to strengthen the bond between you and your pet. Grooming can also help you screen your cat for any problems that may be developing on the skin. And I will recommend several tools you will use.
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