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Maximizing Hydration: Our Experience with the APETDOLA FP10 Pet Fountain

By Travis Wan
We were honored to have the talented Sergey Bazarov, who is both a writer and a photographer, review the APETDOLA FP10 water fountain. Bazarov's expertise in photography is evident in the stunning photos she captured.

The APETDOLA FP10 is a drinking fountain designed specifically for cats or small dogs with constant water circulation and a choice of one of three water supply modes. If you care about the health of your four-legged friends, this drinking fountain is an excellent choice. Not only does it ensure a continuous supply of fresh water, but it also provides a more appealing drinking experience for pets than a traditional drinking bowl.
The drinking bowl or drinking fountain for animals is presented in a pristine white cardboard box, tastefully emblazoned with the manufacturer's name, detailed technical specifications, and an alluring depiction of the device.

The inside of the top cover features an explosion diagram with instructions in several languages for easy comprehension.

The APETDOLA FP10 is a pet drinker designed for both cats and dogs, boasting a built-in pump that provides constant water circulation. With a special nozzle that creates a fountain of adjustable height, pets can drink from a gentle stream or a bubbling cascade, encouraging them to stay hydrated throughout the day.
This plastic pet bowl comes with a convenient water-level window and a durable stainless steel plate, holding up to 1.5 liters of water. With this capacity, it's an ideal solution for pet owners who need to leave their pets alone for extended periods of time. While it's recommended to change the water once a week, the water level window allows for easy monitoring and refilling as needed.

Including replaceable clamps, which provide a customizable experience for pet owners.

The pet fountain is conveniently powered by a tail that features a round DC-DC connector. The power circuit includes a standard connector, an intermediate wire with a USB connector, and a 5V1A network adapter. The total length of the wire, which is covered in a durable rag braid, is 1.5 meters. This design ensures that pet owners can easily place the fountain anywhere in their homes without having to worry about the distance from the power source.

To ensure that the fountain doesn't slip on tiles, laminate, or other surfaces, rubber inserts have been included. Additionally, there is a sticker in the center that provides technical information.

If you look at the top plate, you can see 4 overflow plates with a spout in the middle, into which the fountain funnel is inserted. The filter element under the plate, which looks like charcoal with pebbles inside, is also interesting. And it's good to hear that a spare filter for this water fountain can be purchased from APETDOLA store.

It's good to know that the circulation of water is facilitated by a pump with a filter located on the bottom of the drinking tray, and that it comes with a supply wire with a quick-detachable connection at the end. The pump model, YP-101, has a power of 0.35W and a productivity of 75 l/h.

For maintenance and cleaning of the entire system, a foam pad, brush with stiff bristles and tweezers are provided.

Before using the fountain for the first time, it is necessary to fill it with water to a certain level. If there is not enough water in the fountain, the pump will not start and the blue backlight will turn red, indicating that more water is needed.

It's great that the water fountain provides different styles of water supply, depending on the height of the installed nozzle. The "waterfall" and "seething waterfall" styles offer a choice of water flow that can suit different preferences and needs. This can be especially helpful for pet owners who want to provide their four-legged friends with a water supply that they find more appealing or easier to drink from. It's always great to have options!

A long time ago, we made ourselves a four-legged friend named Lola. She was a Turkish Angora cat who was regularly left alone in the apartment during our regular vacations. The maximum time she could be left alone was 17 days, for which we left her a Hiper pet auto-feeder and several containers of water.
If the problem with the feed supply was solved by adjusting the portion size, the problem of stagnant water remained unresolved. For this reason, it was decided to try the APETDOLA FP10 water fountain, which would eliminate this problem and also make some difference to the cat.
Lola first became familiar with the water fountain from a distance; the cat did not approach it, but kept hovering somewhere nearby.

She went through all the stages of denial and acceptance, lifting her nose from the water fountain. At the same time, the distance to the device was decreasing.

I had to watch her for over an hour in order to take these photos, and when we turned to leave, she still decided to take her desperate steps. Now Lola approaches the water fountain easily and no longer has the same sense of fear as when we first met.

We additionally attempted to use the water fountain as an attraction by placing our jongleur hamster named Sneginka (she's a girl) in the bowl. The hamster didn't appreciate the gesture and quickly left the activity. But she got washed anyway!

All in all, the APETDOLA FP10 is a convenient water fountain for pets who want to thank you for the constant circulation of water. The ability to adjust the height (3 positions) makes it possible to set not only the optimal position of the fountain, but also its mode of operation (waterfall/jet waterfall). And low consumption (5V0.1A) will allow you to use the water dispenser even with portable batteries.

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